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A Statement from the Vatican About

The Orders and Sacraments of the Liberal Catholic Church


(Reprinted from Ubiqe: the Official Journal of The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the U.S.A., Winter, 1976, p. 17.


A Belgian member of The Liberal Catholic Church, having been jailed for a few months, the Roman Catholic prison chaplain was interested in that new Church he had never heard of, and he wrote asking for information to the Cardinal-Archbishop of Mechlin.  The Cardinal then asked the Roman Congregation of Rites”


An Ecclesiae Libero-Catholcae validi sunt titus et ordines?

[Whether the Sacraments and Orders of the Liberal Catholic church are valid?]


On March 12, 1931, the answer came:




The Holy Congregation further on recommended that members of the so-called Liberal Catholic body should be treated according to the special instructions of Pople Leo XIII to Cardinal Lavigerie, regarding the Eastern Schismatics.


Now, these were the instructions sent in 1882 by the Pope’s order, to Cardinal Lavigeri, Archbishop of Carthago, by the Special Congregation of the Propaganda for the Oriental Rites:


With regard to the Eastern Schismatic Christians.   Your Eminence should impress upon his Clergy the fact that their foremost two feelings must be:  love for the individuals and respect for their rites.  For the Schismatic Christians are our brethren, baptized with us in the blood of Jesus Christ.   We, therefore, must ever have for the “Bowels of compassion,” as the Blessed Apostle Paul puts it, and always be ready to show them our loving-kindness...Let your Clergy therefore never despise or slight their ways and uses, their language, or their Liturgy, which Holy Church approves of as being quite just and rightful. 


             (Mgr. Baunard Le Cardinal Lavigerie, Paris, 1896, Vol. 1. p. 86; Vol. II, p. 98.)










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