Text Box: Are you a Liberal


Do you believe one or more of these statements?


√ God’s love is what matters in life.

√ There are secret teachings freely given to those who are ready to receive them.

√ Mature people should be free from religious dogma and oppression.

√ The sermon shouldn’t always be about money.

√ A loving God doesn’t permit a hell.

√ Divorced persons have suffered enough pain without being rejected by religion.

√ No human being is infallible.

√ Reproductive rights are the responsibility of the individuals involved.

√ Reincarnation is the way things work in this universe.

√ There is a spark of God in each living thing, including people.

√ It isn’t Christ’s death only, but His whole Life and Living that shows the Way.

√ The Bible contains secret teachings which can only be understood by the Initiated.

√ Great Masters (Saints) exist to help all mankind develop a mystical realization of God.

√ God is active in other religions.

√ The Power and secret teachings of Christ have been handed down through the ages and exist today.

√ The Bible is a handbook to higher consciousness.

√ Authentic Christianity confers actual power on its adherents.

√ The Sacraments of the Church embody and give mystical and spiritual power to those who participate.


If you believe even a few  of these statements, then your spiritual home is in The Liberal Catholic Church!


The Natural Breath

There’s a saying, “It’s as natural as breathing.” We all know how important breathing is, and we’ve all experienced the abject misery of an illness which blocks our ability to take a deep, natural breath. When this happens, we eagerly look forward to the day  when we are cured and can breathe easily again.


Your Natural Right

So, it is a human right to seek a natural life of freedom and growth, yet there are untold numbers of people who suffer from spiritual misery because they are in a “spiritual system” that blocks their ability to take a deep, spiritual  breath. Perhaps their religion controls them by preaching about “hell,” or perhaps their religion pretends to be the “one true religion.” It may be that their religion rejects and denies to their members the right to investigate various pathways to the spiritual life.


A Terrible Loss

Most religions in the United States have no knowledge or understanding about the mystical life, don’t foster or encourage spiritual experience (promoting, instead, emotional outbursts, and claiming these to be “spiritual”), and utterly reject Christ’s “spiritual power” arrangement called the Sacraments.


A Church of Freedom and Spiritual Growth

But The Liberal Catholic Church has, from its beginning in 1916, held to the truth of complete freedom of belief and the truth that the Divine Power of the Sacraments was given by Christ. The LCC (as it is often called), through its publications, has once again restored and revealed authentic Christian teachings which promote the mystical experience. Further, The LCC has a valid Apostolic Succession which it carefully guards and preserves so that its Sacraments are maintained “in their plenitude.” Indeed, Dr. Iain Ramsey, the Anglican Bishop of Durham, during the World Eucharistic Congress in 1976, reported that The LCC “has the most beautiful Liturgy in the English language.”


Escaping to Freedom

So, why not be free? Why be “of two minds,” as St. Paul writes, believing in the mystical life, yet staying outside a Church that encourages and supports the mystical life? Or, if you currently belong to no church, yet still believe in the mystical side of living, why not come to the very Source of that mystical life? You are invited to escape untruth, ignorance, and oppression, and to come into the real world of wisdom, spiritual freedom, and Divine Love as found in The Liberal Catholic Church.


Your Invitation

       Don’t wait! You can enter into a full spiritual life and experience. You can have spiritual freedom and truth, and you can breathe easily again. You can publicly practice what you privately believe. You can become a Liberal Catholic.


How to Be a Liberal Catholic

       If you believe in freedom of conscience and belief and in in the spiritual life that leads (quoting St. Paul) to the “fulness of the stature of Christ,” you are already a Liberal Catholic in your heart! To become a Liberal Catholic in your life, you should ask any Liberal Catholic for a membership application. Fill out the application, then give it to the Parish Priest. He will explain to you how you will first be a Catechumen, then how you will be Initiated into the ancient Christian Mysteries, and he will explain the spiritual effects those ancient Rites will have in your life.





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